Biochem 2280 summer uwo reddit

Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. Actually, psych stats can be used towards a BMSc degree. It's a full-year course though, just so you know.

When I was in second year, biostats was actually considered a joke course; I think it has changed since then. Psych stats was pretty easy. The concepts weren't overly tough all were easy but probability, which is easy too once you get the hang of it and the exams were much like the practice questions and previous years' exams provided in the course book.

Matt They seem to have cracked down on allowing people to take other stats courses. Regardingit is quite possible to do well and most people in it aspire to get into a professional program, so you're in good company. Even though I despised the class, it was one of my better marks for the semester, but I'm not really sure what the trick was… I think understanding the questions were half the battle.

And work with other people on the labs and memorize the steps if they still do SPSS quizzes. If Rubin isn't teaching it anymore, that will be an improvement. White isn't stellar at explaining either but she's better than Rubin and I think she's willing to try to improve and to help people. The course structure has been changing basically every semester due to dissatisfaction, so it's got to get better soon!

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biochem 2280 summer uwo reddit

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Western University. All Semesters.

biochem 2280 summer uwo reddit

Reset All. Class Notes. Untitled 2 Textbook Notes. Study Guides. Exam Prep. Popular Study Guides Everything you need to know for your next exam. Mc Lachlin Fall. The peptide bond, which links amino acids together to form proteins. Look at the structure of the molecule at an atomic resolution. Flow of information. Fatty acid chains: fatty acids have two distinct regions long hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain, and a carboxyl group hydrophilic thus amphipathic, satur.

Unit 1: fundamental concepts of biochemistry lesson 1: the chemical basis of life sept.

Introduction to Biochemistry HD

Four major types of biomolecules: proteins, nucleic acids, car. Capsaicin measured in scoville units, hydrophobic and interacts with pain receptors. Amino acids you need to memorize all 20 amino acids, codes, etc.Hey guys. So as it stands I'm thinking of applying to H. Spec in Phys for my 3rd year. As it stands my schedule would look like this:. And then since is a Y course I need to take 6 courses in one of the semesters that is my understanding anywaymeaning I would have an extra 0.

Some of these I am assuming I could also push to 4th year. I was wondering if I could get feedback on some of these courses, and particularly balancing all these challenging courses. Would it be feasible? And how difficult is it to deal with having 6 courses one of the semesters?

I know some of you may suggest taking a "bird course" to lighten the load, and I did attempt to take a bird course this year psych with Olson and that backfired terribly.

I have a tough time studying something I have no interest in. EDIT: My first choice of program would be path, but the entrance average is usually quite high. So I'm still pretty interested in taking the path courses and maybe trying to squeeze in for 4th year path.

Is it really? I'm in 3rd year and that's my schedule. I took 6 courses last semester and it was fine. Phys Y only has work at specific times I'm also in Pharm and it's not time consuming either.

It's a bit difficult conceptually, but it's manageable. If you take pharm and path as your electives, you could still potentially do H Spec Path in 4th year.

Take the courses but stay away from the module. Okidoke so I graduated from Phys at Western and I would say ignore the science courses and go for fun electives that you'll enjoy doing.

Seeing as you're interested in med, and GPA is king, it makes sense to do things that will boost up your gpa. All of the courses that you listed are actually going to involve quite the commitment in terms of keeping your gpa as high as possible.

They're interesting, yes, but you're gonna learn it all once you're in meds anyways. Go out and learn about how the ancient greeks boozed, or how to differentiate between all the cool types of rocks in the world. I'm not sure about Pharm and Biochem A, but I took both pathology courses as well as Microimm Stay clear from those.

Pathology is a decent course, but is nothing like - it requires a lot more memorization. Similarly, microimm requires quite a bit of work, and, looking at your schedule, it doesn't seem like it's a good idea to load with them.

If you want to branch out from science, try Classicsor I'm in 4th year phys honours spec.Academic Calendar. A course intended for non-scientists who want to make sense of life from a biological point of view. We will cover all levels from genes to ecosystems, and the biology behind curent environmental and societal issues through case studies and discussions.

See the Field Courses page. Selected topics of current interest in Biology. The topics may vary each year. Specific topics will be available from the Department prior to registration. Topic: Global Change Biology.

All Educational Materials for Biochemistry 2280A at Western University (UWO)

This field course provides a theoretical and hands-on introduction to the planning and execution of field studies in biology using quantitative tools.

A breadth of study organisms and systems will be covered. This course includes four or five field trips during the lab and lecture timeslots. A study of the flora and vegetation of Southwestern Ontario, teaching the elements of plant classification, identification, distribution, and conservation. Students will become familiar with the dominant native and non-native flora, and the basis of their distribution as affected by geology, climate and anthropogenic changes.

Some local field work included.

Class Notes for Biochemistry 2280A at Western University (UWO)

This course examines water as a habitat for life and the ecology of freshwater and marine environments. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity and roles of zooplankton and microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems. Ecological impacts of ocean acidification, invasive species, and eutrophication will also be examined. This course introduces fundamental concepts and issues in conservation biology.

We explore the three prongs fo conservation including: 1 the science involved in conserving biodiversity; 2 the political systems that directly affect conservation; 3 how to access the political system to maximize the probability of implementing conservation programs. An integrative approach to ecology, stressing the structure and function of communities. Taught at an advanced undergraduate level.

The specific topics taught may vary each year. Consult the Department of Biology for information about the current offering. Taylor J.

biochem 2280 summer uwo reddit

Rubin G. This course focuses on using interdisciplinary systems-level methods to understand both biochemical reaction networks and gene regulatory networks. The application of systems level knowledge to the emerging discipline of synethic biology also forms a major component of the course.Exams are coming! Get ready with premium notes and study guides! Header search input. Study Resources.

Homework Help. Log In. Sign Up. Class Notes. Western University. All Lectures. All Semesters. Reset All. Sort by: Most Popular. OC 19 Page 10 Dec OC 5 Page 23 Apr OC 11 Page 18 Nov Learning objectives: chemical structure of nucleic acids, b-dna and rna structures, dna versus rna, eukaryotic dna packaging, nucleosome structure.

OC 8 Page 25 Nov Initiation: priming, synthesis, proofreading, ligation, replication fork and replication bubble, telomeres, replication inhibitors. Overview of dna rep. OC 2 Page 23 Sep Assured admission to Year 3 BMSc requires successful completion of a full course load of 5. You are allowed, however, to repeat one-half course during year 2 or in the summer after to be considered through the competitive pool. The average of the first and second attempt for the half course will be used in calculating the average used to determine your eligibility for Year 3 BMSc admission.

No, you will not be admitted to Year 3 BMSc if you fail a course in Year 2, even if it is only an elective. You cannot fail a course in the summer between Year 2 and 3. If you were admitted to Year 3 BMSc and fail a course during the summer, you will lose your admission, even if it is an elective course. Watch the course drop deadlines and visit Academic Counselling in WSC to discuss dropping without penalty and whether overloading in the second term to maintain a 5.

Find a Care Zone Rep. Follow us on Twitter. Repeating a course in second year? Contact academic counselling to discuss how this will impact your course load and admission to the BMSc program. If it is in A term, you may be able to drop the course and overload in the second term to maintain the required 5.Judging by the syllabus, it looks pretty sweet. I had Felix Lee last year for Orgo, and as expected, at the end of the year, he gave his sales pitch for 3rd year chem courses, and this was the one he pushed.

He said it would be "interesting and relatively easy. I've learned from past experience that when Felix makes a statement about how difficult or easy something will be, it's to be taken with a grain of salt. I took it a few years ago. I thought it was pretty interesting. It's pretty much organic chemistry with some bio thrown in.

Wasn't terribly difficult. Overall it was a good course. Are you a chem or biochem major? If you are coming from the chem side it might be easier.

I'm not sure how much orgo biochem students are taught. Hey thanks for the feedback InValid Glad to hear the course wasn't too difficult - I think I'll keep it unless something more interesting comes along. Going into 3rd year this fall. Looks like its going to be a pretty cool year - I especially can't wait for those demonstration sessions in Anatomy !

Hey salty did you take the phsiology year long lab, y, how did you find it? Any comments, tips, etc? Hey bpatient - No, I'll be taking y this year, along with the other required 3rd year physiology courses, so I can't comment on it. I'd love to hear from somebody who has taken it though! It seems everywhere I turn, courses are trending towards becoming more difficult, never the other way around. Good to hear the course is interesting - chemistry can can be just the opposite all to often.

I'll make sure to understand the nuances.

biochem 2280 summer uwo reddit

Sometimes you can get away with broad knowledge - I'm glad I know in advance that this course won't be one of those. Second year Biochem a isn't too bad - it's possible to get a high mark, but you have to work for it. There's 3 sections taught by 3 different profs. The first section the easiest is taught by Bonnie Deroo. There was one lecture in particular with her that I'll never forget. Lets just say that sometimes she likes to use unconventional methods to explain concepts.

Those who took the class last year know what I'm talking about - thanks to her, I'll never think about activation energy the same way lol. Prof was Derek McLachlin.

Awesome prof! Explained the material really well, outlined very clearly what we needed to know for exams. His section was a bit tougher - more detailed memorization. To do well in his section, just sit down and learn the names of all the enzymes, intermediates, and products of the pathways.

Know where they fit into the pathways, and what they do. The good news is he'll tell you exactly what you need to know. McLachlin is great lecturer - the material is kinda bland, but he finds ways to present it in an way that won't put you to sleep.

He goes off on interesting tangents about nobel prize winners, and he likes to throw in jokes whenever he can. Really keeps you awake and listening. Last section - DNA technology.

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